Over four volumes the book, THEN, THERE WERE MINES, explores the mining history of Spain's Sierra Almagrera and Las Herrerías. Journey "back in time" and learn how lumps of rock were extracted and of the alchemy that transformed them into lead, silver and iron.

Read about the fortunes that were made and lost and how both mines and miners were exploited. Explore the ruins of the mines in the mountains and of the foundries along the coast. Journey on Luis Siret's railway and travel the inclined planes and aero-cables of the Men from Bilbao. Follow in the footsteps of those men who left home and family to live, work and endure great hardship in this small, but mighty, mountain range.

Follow the imported technological innovations, from the humble donkey to mighty steam power and then to efficient electricity. Understand Franco's desire for a mining industry free from foreign involvement. Study the hundred years' war against the water below and the Americans' involvement in the war for the water above.

Fully illustrated and easy to read, Then There Were Mines, takes you on a trail of exploration and discovery. Chapter by chapter, the secrets of the Sierra Almagrera are revealed. View online or download to read at your leisure, but whichever way you chose, it will be my pleasure to guide you.

Discovering the wonders of The Sierra Almagrera Mines

Over many years, I have been exploring and discovering the wonders of The Sierra Almagrera Mines. Like so many people before me, I fell in love with the place and its beautiful mountains that shelter that part of Spain.

As the years passed by, I was no further to understanding what I was seeing as I walked in the Sierra Almagrera. For example, what was the "Lost Village" and why was it there? Each visit raised more questions than answers. Nothing seemed to make sense, nothing was logical. I couldn't work out the how, the what or the why. Finally, I started to research the history of mining in the area.

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The Sierra Almagrera and the development of the mining industry.
Volume One Book Cover
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Las Herrerías and Mechanisation.

Volume Two Book Cover
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Water, Aljibes and White Elephants.

Volume Three Book Cover
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The ghosts of the peasant miners.

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